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The aim of the project is to create and operate an interactive Chess Stars website allowing chess players to play online, watch broadcasted tournament games, participate in “Choose Your Moves and Win” contests (patent pending), learn to play and improve their game. 

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Nowadays, major chess tournaments are regularly broadcasted on the Internet. Such broadcasts can be forwarded to Chess Stars, where they will be enhanced with analysis by chess programs (that can easily outplay any grandmaster) and original live analyst commentaries. 

Software analysis and evaluation allow observers and analysts to size up the situation on the board better than the players themselves.
As a result, all observers – both amateurs and professionals – have a roughly equal chance of guessing the next move, which creates a level playing field for all contests’ participants.

The Playing Zone is an online environment that allows thousands of chess players to chat, play, give online lessons, organize and participate in tournaments and more.

The Playing Zone is going through extensive testing and is endorsed by well-known Grandmasters and International Masters. 

A few well known Grandmasters have already tested and endorsed the site. The Kasparov Chess Foundation has signed a Letter of Intent to institute their Scholastic Chess on the Chess Supersite platform.



1131A Leslie St, suite 101, Toronto ON M3C 3L8

Marty Hirsch – CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Winner of a NASA award for his work on the Voyager Space Mission, Marty turned his attention to artificial intelligence and wrote M Chess Pro, which became the strongest chess playing software program in the World.  Marty has more than 25 year experience designing and developing chess related high technology projects. 

Sasha Starr – President and Director.
Mr. Starr has many years of experience managing private and public companies in North America and overseas and is a Master of Chess. He brings with him an established impressive track record in business development, marketing and management skills.

Rubin Schindermann CEO and Director.
Mr. Schindermann brings many years of successful financial management experience. His achievements include development and management of several private and public enterprises.

During real-time broadcasts customers are encouraged to make predictions of the moves made by the Grandmaster competitors in their games. 

Real-time comments by top experts, plus the top 3 lines by the best engines such as Houdini and/or Stockfish are available to all contestants.

Prizes will be awarded to the best performers.



Gary Kasparov  – Senior Advisor
Legendary World Chess Champion ranked as the top player in the world for 19 years, Kasparov is an international celebrity who was ranked on TIME magazine's list of the top 100 most influential people in the World. 
In addition to playing chess, Kasparov is a Founder and Chair of the Kasparov Chess Foundation, which is one of the largest international scholastic chess organizations.

Michael Khodarkovsky  – Advisor: IM (International Master)
President of the Kasparov Chess Foundation brings a great operational experience and many years of working as a representative of the US Chess Federation.

Nava Starr  – Advisor: WIM (Women’s International Master)
Legend of Canadian Chess, 8 times Canadian Ladies’ Chess Champion, 13 times a member of the Canadian Ladies’ Olympic Team, 2 individual medals (Gold and Bronze) winner, 6 times participant of the Individual World Championship. She brings her chess skills and organizational experience to the Board.

With a user-friendly platform and educational tutorials, youth and beginners can learn the basics from global chess experts.

The large database with easy to use navigation includes the openings, computer analyses, master moves and games’ history.

Parental Controls also make the site safe for children of all ages.