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Users can chat in many languages through instant translation capabilities.


State-of-the-Art Management Systems

Modern website design will provide superior, user-friendly navigation.

High Quality Broadcasts

Members can watch games from major tournaments and matches with expert commentary, predict each move, and win prizes.

Unique Features

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To provide a Unique Experience for the Members, Establish a good name, Interest and Excitement, excellent quality, reliability and superior customer service. 

Management Expertise:
Having spent more than 20 years each in the IT and related product development, the Management team is committed to spend 100% of their time in the day-to-day operation of the company and has already invested substantial time, expertise and financial resources.​

Marketing and Promotion Strategy:
The Company plans to market the site through Internet/Chess fairs tournaments and forums, industry media and direct sales to its existing and expanded membership base. Marketing of Chess Stars will consist of a variety of initiatives.  There will be standard online marketing initiatives as well as unique events staged on Chess Stars aimed at generating mass awareness. 

Competitive Advantage:
​The Company competes primarily on the basis of offering everything that its competitors are offering plus unique features that nobody else has. It will become the supreme chess site, where members can watch games from major tournaments and matches with superb commentaries, predict each and every move, win prizes, and chat in many languages using instant translation, so it could become a social site as well.

1. Game broadcasts with software analysis and analyst commentaries online 

2. Chess Contests “Choose Your Moves and Win” 

3. Data Base and Education 

4. Playing zone featuring Master Challenge, Blitz tournaments and more.  

All modes will employ a modern design. 

1) Chess Skills Competitions “Choose Your Moves and Win” open to players of all levels.  These involve games and broadcasts with commentary both by strong masters, and very strong chess engines, allowing for knowledgeable participation even by beginner chess players.

2) Scholastic Interface and Parental Controls to make the site safe for children of all ages.

3) Superior suite of educational materials to provide training at all levels.

4) World-wide communications facilitated by real-time linguistic translations.

5) Educational events broadcast by Chess Masters in real time.

Chess Stars will feature the following services (modes): 

Chess Skills Contests

Competitions between users will also feature expert commentary.

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Two-Tier Website Architecture

Chess Stars can support a virtually unlimited number of users, simultaneously.