Utilizing advanced two-tier architecture, the portal is able to support a virtually unlimited number of users online, while the wide range of content and services will attract millions of customers.

It is important to note that web-based services designed for browsers and tablet computers are the project’s centerpiece and main point of focus. It allows customers to access the site using any modern internet connected device.

Database of more than 3 million high quality games, updated monthly.

Games organized by player, event and opening.

Database displays the winning potential for each opening move.

Openings are searchable by name and ECO with type-ahead.

Moves are (optionally) presented in figurine notation.

Instant post-mortem on every game played. Easily share board to analyze any game with other players.

Clean modern interface.  All features are easy to find and use.

Works on all platforms from desktops to smart phones.

Personal game library stores games played by yourself and others.

Ability to remove games from personal game history.

Pre-move does not need to be enabled, and does not use clock time.

Ability to pause and resume chat.

Chat color-coded by category for instant recognition.

Multiple chat options are easily selected.

Ability to instantly filter chat by category.

Ability to start private chats with one click.

Seek graph instantly reacts to changes in formula (challenge filter).

Challenges include option to adjourn or resign on disconnect.

Ability to configure where seeks and challenges show up.

Separate volume controls for chat and game sounds.

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Welcome to Chess Stars, where chess comes to life!

Orlando Sunshine Open & Scholastic

In Chess Stars, you can:

  • Try our unique “Choose Your Moves and Win” contests (patent pending) with prizes!
  • Play Zone - play unlimited games for free, Master Challenges, Blitz Tournaments with Prizes and more!
  • See live broadcasts of major tournaments and special events with software analyses and analyst commentaries, online and archived!
  • Enjoy our Chess Data base with over 5, 5 million games, offering a wealth of information at your fingertips – openings, ECO codes, book moves and even computer analysis you can see in every game you look at. 

All this could be used as educational resources to improve your skills.