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600 million people around the world play chess. Chess Supersite will become the world's leading ​chess website by facilitating its 

emergence into mainstream sports.

Based on current numbers and modest projected user numbers, annual advertising revenue will be $5-6 million. Additional revenue streams such as premium memberships, event fees and contest fees will further increase company valuation.​

Chess Supersite is an interactive and educational chess site that 

will allow members to watch 

major tournaments with expert 

commentary, predict moves to 

win prizes, access sophisticated educational material and chat in many languages using instant translation.

The three-tiered approach of Play, View, Learn - helps chess players take their games to the next level with expert tips, peer 

interaction and competitions.

The main Playing Zone has already been endorsed by Grandmasters, International Masters and educators. 

Growth Plan

We will make chess exciting and easy to understand by using a "gamization" process.

With a model similar to that of TV poker, viewers will be able to see an odds matrix for any position on the board. Percentage of success for each move will be based on statistics, computer analysis and our proprietary value calculations.

Modern website design and user-friendly navigation will inspire a new generation of chess lovers, while appealing to experienced and professional chess players alike.

unique features

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